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Fly Pig Games

This is an extended ongoing project for which I have the pleasure of fully developing the audio myself. The project is still ongoing but I have been granted permission to document the audio progress and publish it before each official release. It is an isometric point-click game with dystopian sci-fi esthetics. A lonely character that tries to resource and craft materials in order to survive the adventure.

Procedural Environment

The ambiance in this game is very and uniquely silent. With the game dev's blessings and storytelling skills, I envisioned and implemented an environment where we have a great absence of noise. So I kept a minimal ambiance where I introduced a few scattered procedural noises such as a rock falling debris and water drops.


Rock Debris

This procedural sound was created with Metasounds in order to enhance its effect. The picture below can be classified into 3 distinctive parts from left to right, random value generation, random sample generation, and random stereo panning spawning. In this terms, we only need one patch to create the effect that rock debris is falling randomly all over the cave which is included.

Metasounds RockDebris.PNG

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The Cage

"The Cage" is the name of this instrument that by popular demand (voted in social media) I named this bench of metallic gear. This is the early version of this instrument that with more budget one day I will update it to a more luxury mechanical, spring squeaky instrument.

The sound of strength

Batman wears his clothes and becomes the vigilant ruler of the night we all know. Certainly, the sound of his clothes must have a heroic sound, a sound that ordinary clothes do not do, right?


The delicate chain sound of Aloy's armor

I imagined that this is not ordinary chain mail so I took a highly delicate thin sound of chain and add it as a layer to the motion of this armor.


Recording layers of footsteps

The last of us video game had this feeling of silence, a postapocalyptic mutism that I wanted to preserve. Since everything was so silent in this game environment-wise I wanted to have a heavy layer implemented for boots when the character was stepping on an old wooden floor. (FYI I used these boots to add leather layers to Batman's cloths and motion.)

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