A collection of linear sfx design

A collection of different linear sound designs I have done in the past. Definitely, one of my main reasons was training and perfecting my skills. But beyond that reason, I wanted to do a spin-off because these are some of my favorite games. I want to clarify that I love the sound of those games and it does not come down to what I would do better, but what I would treat differently.


Recording parts of gear

Thinking outside of the box in foley art, a lot of time we come across items that remind us of sounds of other objects. This mechanical screwdriver had high registers that have been added to the equipment of Batman.


Batman's cape

During my gameplay in the video game Batman, I always imagined that the cape would do a heavier sound through the wind. So my main goal here was to create a more "flappy" sound. That is why I chose to record a towel, which gives a heavy gesture on Batman's cape.


The Cage

"The Cage" is the name of this instrument that by popular demand (voted in social media) I named this bench of metallic gear. This is the early version of this instrument that with more budget one day I will update it to a more luxury mechanical, spring squeaky instrument.


The sound of strength

Batman wears his clothes and becomes the vigilant ruler of the night we all know. Certainly, the sound of his clothes must have a heroic sound, a sound that ordinary clothes do not do, right?


The delicate chain sound of Aloy's armor

I imagined that this is not ordinary chain mail so I took a highly delicate thin sound of chain and add it as a layer to the motion of this armor.


Recording layers of footsteps

The last of us video game had this feeling of silence, a postapocalyptic mutism that I wanted to preserve. Since everything was so silent in this game environment-wise I wanted to have a heavy layer implemented for boots when the character was stepping on an old wooden floor. (FYI I used these boots to add leather layers to Batman's cloths and motion.)