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A full scale audio protype


a collection of linear sfx design

Pixel Art Game Demo

My main objective for this demo was to create delicate pixel art sounds in high quality and coherent with what the character was doing in-game. I develop each sound and test whether it feels good. The trickiest part was to listen to the SFX many times repeatedly, to see if they became annoying. I finalized this idea taking into consideration the aesthetics of it, how repeatedly some sounds would be, and to be harmonious with the music.

CockPit sound of a steampunk airship

Procedural sound is the way to treat a big chunk of the loop to sound like is not even a loop. How do you do that? but of course, using generative aka conditional processes. This loop has been generated via the Ableton conditional system but it is an example of how randomized and immersive a player can feel using middleware (Wwise, Fmod) to achieve ambient loops.

Linear audio post production for animation

The challenge I put to myself here was to create audio from scratch and record everything without using one bit of library audio. Ambiance, foley, diegetic music, sfx everything come out of recordings I did within a month directly for this scene. The most difficult part and a lesson here, was that even if you have recorded something does not mean it is good and right for what is intended. I had to record 3 or 4 times some parts like trains and footsteps or scratching sounds. But the result I intended to give was a hyper-realistic style.

Fly a spaceship, sound from inside a cockpit

Sci-Fi Gun sounds

Linear sfx design for Rover

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20 March 2020

Published by Etui Records



02 October 2017

Published by Craton Records

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